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"There is a feeling I get.....a place I go, where nothing else matters. Not my day job, not money, not my lady smiling across the room, not even the bodies on the dance floor.  Nothing at that moment matters except the beat, where I truly feel "in the mix". It is one of the most in tune, yet laid back experiences. The counting in my head fades away as I feel the sound.  Yep "in the mix", thats the only way I can describe it."

 " I was first inspired to become a DJ my first time in Chicago. Actually, on my way into the city. My dad was taking some friends and I to stay downtown for my 14th birthday. I had an unknow channel on the radio, 96.3fm. Thats when I heard The B96 MixMasters. A collection of DJ's that spun it all! I went and bought every cd they ever put out and played them over and over. The next year my father gave me his old stereo he had when he was in his 20's. That's what got me addicted to "The beat". The loud thump that you could feel in your chest. That was 12 years ago. I went from dad's old system in random basement partys, to a 2-channel mixer with 2 regular cd players. I had a few blinking lights in small venues rented by my friends and I to throw parties. Then to my ultamate Dj dream, the Technics 1210mkII's with Serato and my own sound system complete with dual 15" towers and 18"bass bins with a dmx laser light show in local bars and weddings. I am still collecting and updating my system as well as updating my style and skill level."

  DJ Crichton became Official Coaches DJ in the summer of 2012 for PTG and OfficialCoachMusic Events. With his great "Vynal" skills he has ripped up large stages and club venues such as the 48' stage at the Elgin, IL International Festival, Perry Rock in Rockford, IL, and many other top notch venues throughout the state line area. His skills go beyond just letting a track play. With his combination of laser lights, fog machines, and high end turntables he can mix any song to any beat and make you feel the beat at a moments notice. his high energy and quick hands make him a top contender in this industry.

Booking:  For a PTG event contact Joseph Pearson at 407-406-9886

                  For a DJ Crichton event contact Dj Crichton by filling out the form below and clicking submit. For all other inquiries please email or fill out the form below.


​Thank You,

PTG Management Team



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