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Advertising with PTG

07.16. 2021


Our Silver Package is just the beginning for you and/ or your company to gain ground with our Platinum Followers. This is what you receive to get you going. An image or logo placed on the home page within our "rotating online billboard". This is the fastest way to gain ground with your website, company, or cause. "How is this possible and what do I get?" you ask. Well with an initial start-up for $25 a month we will keep you in rotation and continue to promote you or your services to our loyal followers world wide. Click here for more information.



Our Gold Package is the next step in gaining more Platinum recognition for you, your brand, or service. By upgrading you will begin to gain more recognition with our Platinum Followers on Facebook. How? you ask. With your $50 monthly subscription we will place your image or logo on the "rotating online billboard" a link to your social networks and a brief description on our services page designed with you in mind. We will then promote your information to all of our followers two times a week during your subscription. Click here for more information.



Our Platinum Package is the best you can get when it comes to advertising and promoting with us. With your upgrade you will get the best of the best. Your image or logo on our "online rotating billboard", Promotion on our services page with a brief description of your services, and any links you provide will be promoted with our other affiliates. This includes,,, and the associated twitter and facebook accounts linked to them.  We will also create an advertisement page geared to your brand or services.There is no initial startup fee and the monthly subscription is only $75 a month. Come be a platinum member now.

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