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See who is talking about PTG Artist OfficialCoach and check what the press is saying about OfficialCoachMusic!! 

Big Congratulations to PTG, OfficialCoachMusic, OfficialCoach, and team members for making it into one of the Hottest magazine sites around as well as performance footage making it onto INFglobal, TheMixxMagazine, Jenesis Magazine, and . Stay Tuned!



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He, along with his dance troupe, danced his way to the top. Alonzo Russell is the founder,
choreographer, as well as chief executive officer of Fatally Unique, a youth dance team that he
founded at the age of fifteen.........

PTG Actress Falashay...

PTG actress on deck Falashay Pearson.

Welcome to the PTG Twitter Feed Zone!

Here you can keep track of what your favorite managers, artists, models, actors, and actresses are up to by the second, minute, or feed. Who is your favorite?

Welcome to the hottest video upload site in the midwest. From Candy girls to music videos they cater to the hottest models and artists in the world.

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